Sunday, June 10, 2012

Halfway there.

The Interceptor is finished. Like it or not.
I got a bit of grief over the color scheme.
"Too much red on the frame"
"Looks like gray primer"

It's what I wanted to do. End of story.

Included are some photos of my Enfield along with the bike that inspired me to go with the red/gray color scheme.
My friend  Ken's 1984 BMW R100, which he calls "Moto Espresso".  
The brighter red on mine with more exposed frame than the R100 is the reason I got some negative reactions. My bike did take 3rd place in its class at the Oregon Vintage Motorcyclists 33rd Annual Show, so I know that some folks like it as much as I do.

I'll be taking a break to work on some neglected projects around the house, and maintenance on my basic transportation  motorcycle, so it will be another "while" before I update this blog, but I should be well into the restoration of the Tomahawk by then. Plan on seeing a freshly powder coated gray frame and parts.

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