Thursday, May 10, 2012

Just over one week to go before the Interceptor has to be finished.

I've finally got the motorcycle assembled, less the engine.

I trued the back wheel last week. That's the first time for me. I've laced quite a few wheels, but always thought it would be best to have someone who's done it before handle the truing of all the wheels I've laced in the past.
I decided to give it a try,  even though I don't own a truing stand. Or, at least I thought I didn't own a truing stand.
Turns out, any motorcycle can also be a truing stand for wheels. Here's how I did it.
Back wheel mounted in the frame, minus the tire, and a small hobbyist bar clamp with the bar extended to where it just barely touches the wheel rim to serve as a pointer.
Rotate the wheel, and note where the rim is furthest from and closest to the pointer.
Tighten the spokes on the sections where it's away from the pointer, and loosen the spokes where it's close to the pointer.
This was a lot easier than I expected, and I had the wheel within factory specification for both run-out and concentricity within a half hour or so. Below is a photo of my "truing stand" and "pointer".

I finally got the last of the parts back from the powder coater. The front fender stays, two little covers for the tops of the forks, and several parts for the 1958 Tomahawk.
This allowed me to finally put the bike together for good. Filled the forks with oil, and verified they don't leak, then assembled them with all the parts; fork gaiters, fenders, fender stays, wheel.
Put the back wheel and tire on, and the sidestand, and I dropped the bike off my jack and onto its own two wheels.
This weekend, I'll be cleaning up the engine and maybe early next week, install it in the frame. I still have to put the wiring together, but that will be easy. I can use the old wires, and I have some nifty coves that split open to insert the wire, then just wrap around the wire so it looks like it was pulled through.

Here it is so far. The gas tank was hung on just to give it a more finished look. That's got to come off for fitting of the engine and completion  of the wiring.

I'll be posting again before next weekend, hopefully,  with photos of the finished bike.

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