Friday, October 7, 2011

A pair of alloy mudguards (fenders, to us yanks) came in today.

Bought them from the online shop for the US Royal Enfield distributor.
The fact that there are new parts made in India which will substitute for missing parts on our old Enfields is such a luxury after so many years of scrounging and making do when parts aren't readily available.  These fenders cost all of $135 + about $30 for shipping. Can't get any cheaper than that, and the quality is more than acceptable.

The fenders aren't for the Interceptor, which is a good thing. Then the bike would look too much like this Enfield, owned by a fellow Enfield enthusiast, which happens to have the same fenders as the ones I just recieved. I'm really not copying this bike, although I really admire it. Once I'm done with the Interceptor, you'll see what I mean.  This picture is just so you can see what the alloy fenders look like.

I guess I didn't mention it yet, but the plan is to do the bikes in the same colors, but with the color  scheme reversed, so the Indian will get a silver grey frame with red sheet metal (except for those alloy fenders!), and the Interceptor will have the red frame and silver-grey sheet metal.

My rationale for doing them this way is that the Interceptor, being more of a custom bike has a lot more room for playing around with colors, so it gets a red frame. The Tomahawk, I've decided, is going to go back to a more original configuration, which had red sheet metal, with alloy fenders. All the frame parts should be black, but I decided to customize it just a touch so that when I put both bikes together, they look like a matched pair.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Long Time No See

At this point, I'm fully recovered from my medical issue, and trying to get back to my life. Finally starting to get serious here.

I have the wheels nearly ready to go. Bought  all new wheel bearings, polished the brake plates, and I just have to get them trued up, and they're ready for tires.

I also took one of the frames in and had it powder coated. Red. This is the Interceptor, and since it's not going to be anywhere near original, I figure I can play around with the colors on it.

The fenders and other sheet metal parts will be done in a silver-grey for contrast.

Here's a photo of the frame parts I had powder coated. The picture turned out looking very orange for some reason. There's definately an orange cast to this color, but not as bad as it looks.

A little progress. Let's see if I can gain some momentum on this thing now.