Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where did I get all this junk?

I just spent a pleasant hour and a half digging through my storage shed for Enfield parts.

I had no idea.  That I had this much Enfield junk.

Here's a picture of some stuff that I thought would be good to have on hand  as I decide what to use for this project. In the picture are one front wheel (with tire) and one front hub, two back wheels (one with, one without a tire), four Armstrong shock absorbers, two Enfield steering stems, with upper and lower triple clamps and bearing races, one with the cast-in tach and speedo mount, one "customized" with  that part sawn off. Two inner primary  cases, one outer primary case and a  timing side cover, two boxes full of engine  mounting studs and nuts of various sizes, engine plates, a sidestand a centerstand and a rear fender. A large box full of small parts from Enfield, BMW, Kawasaki, BSA, and a bunch of generic stuff like cables, handlebar controls, etc.  which I didn't feel like sorting.

Still in the shed are at least 6 Enfield twin crankcases,  I don't know how many barrels and cylinders, three or four more primary cases, half a dozen transmission cases or complete transmissions, three frames, two more sets of front forks, and several boxes of miscellaneous parts.

I had no idea that I had this much stuff. This is what I get for buying every Enfield part that I see at swap meets and vintage rallys. If anyone reading this cares, I'm going to be wanting to sell off most of this stuff after I've completed my project.

Here's the back of my truck after I got home with a small fraction of my stash.

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  1. Hello do you have an original TLS front wheel hub you want to sell? thx