Friday, January 21, 2011

I've just returned from the Industrial fastener store, where I bought a box of 100 stainless 1/4-28 by 1 inch hex head bolts, and matching nylon locking nuts and washers. I also picked up four stainless 5/16-24 by 1-1/2 inch bolts, nuts and washers. I wanted to get a box of 100 1-1/4 inch, but they didn't have any  of those in quantity, so I got the four longer ones to experiment with. If I can lengthen  the thread on those easily to suit applications where I need a shorter bolt, these will  work, but I don't want to buy 100 of them if I can't cut the threads by hand.

I've also done a bit of thinking, and made an important decision regarding how I'm going to finance this project, and secondarily, how I'm going to clear enough space on my cluttered workbench to take apart a Royal Enfield 500cc twin cylinder engine.

I'm going to sell of all my vintage motorcycle stuff that's not Royal Enfield or BMW related.
I'll get some pictures and an inventory as soon as the weather improves enough to dig everything out and line it up outside where it can be photographed.
In the meantime, here's a quick list of what I have that's going to be sold off. There are people who've already expressed interest in some of this, but that interest may not extend to the point where they actually put down their money, so I'm going to list it all

1. A 1975 Kawasaki H1F, which I bought new, and took apart to restore 15 years ago. This will include a spare bike, less the engine, many new parts purchased over the years from old kawasaki dealers, powder coated frame. The engine is in one piece, but needs the crankshaft taken apart to replace worn out seals. (that's been using up space on my workbench  for 10 years)
2. A 1970 BSA 441 Shooting Star. This bike was restored in 1995, and is still very presentable as-is. The engine is currently out for a top-end job, which is basically completed, it just needs to be reassembled, which I plan to do before I sell it. This bike includes most of  a 1969 250cc BSA, which  are the same, except for the engine.That includes very nice plastic gas tank and side covers which look good on the 441.
3. A 1968 Honda CL 125 twin. This bike is running, but very rough, and will include two spare frames and other parts, a spare engine (not running, as far as I know).
4. A 1965 Honda CB 160 twin, not running but complete. Someone installed a "CL kit" on it, so it has high exhaust pipes instead of the low pipes.
I haven't determined prices yet. After I've checked what these are selling for on Craigslist, Ebay, and Walneck's, I'll set prices that will be competetive.
A lot of this stuff could be sold individually on ebay, probably for more money,  but doing that would take time away from my Enfield project, so I'd rather sell them as lots and be done with it.

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  1. Well we agree to disagree on this one. The original English fasteners are interesting in themselves and were specifically designed by RE to be used on these bikes. Even generic BSF Cycle and Whitworth items would be better than SAE stuff; I say that from a resale value perspective. An example with original hardware or something like it will sell for significantly more than a restoration with all the hardware changed out to SAE or metric, at least in my experience. :)