Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ha! I bet all ten of my followers have been just dying to know what's happened since my last post just over four years ago!
I'd almost forgotten I started this blog. A lot's happened since 2012. Most significant of which was my joining the ranks of the "gainfully unemployed" in retirement as of Sept. 30, 2015. 
A major consequence of retirement is that I seem to have less free time than ever. the good part about that is that most of my not-free time is spent doing things that I enjoy, and give me a sense of satisfaction.

I just looked at the statistics for this blog, and noticed that there were three visitors to it today, 395 in the last month, and over 19,000 for the life of the blog. Granted, probably most of those are web "spiders" gathering information for search indeces (sp? I only know that "indexes" is wrong too), but there may be a few real humans actually paying attention, so here's an important update:

I'm working on the other Enfield! Seriously. Ok, "Two Royal Enfields in five/six years"? 
I've always had trouble stopping my work to take pictures, and when my workday is finished, I really don't feel like sitting down and writing about it, so very little of this is documented.  I'm just a shitty blogger, and nothing I can do about it.
Stay tuned, I'll gather up the few pictures I have of my progress so far, and post them here later. 

Here it is partially assembled, sitting next to the Interceptor to show off the color co-ordination.
Since this picture was taken, I've installed the polished alloy mudguards, and I've dropped the seat frame off for a new cover to be made.

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